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We thrive together

Our learnings are grounded in 30 years of connecting trading partners across the globe. Where others see uncertainty, we see opportunities and potential. 

We pride ourselves on seeing both the forest and the trees.

Agility. Compassion. Collaboration

Like the trading houses of ancient Venice, COPAP works to create a global marketplace built on integrity, initiative, and trust. Thirty years of work and exceptional cultural acuity have led us here, where we have the courage to embrace the unknown and the knowledge to connect the world.

From building a global network of trusted partners, to trade finance and technology advances, we have the necessary tools to craft the best solutions for those we work with.
For our partners, this results in
1) access to new markets to trade in,
2) access to capital solutions ensuring transactions flow smoothly,
3) strategic guidance to build bespoke and solutions for each unique need.

For us. Everyone is a trade partner. Importers as well as exporters; suppliers, B2B customers or the end-user; a bank, an investor or an insurer, a consultant and a third party service provider.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by helping solve our partners‘ problems, in every interaction. Our strengths is in the discipline and perspective to find unmet needs and solve them. We make seamless trade happen - by ensuring risks are managed and acting as a capital engine to finance their supply chain.

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