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Copap is a privately owned marketing and supply chain services company that provides products, services and solutions to facilitate global trade. Across several industries, Copap provides expert local service to companies of all sizes across the globe. 

Founded in 1989, Copap provides direct marketing and trading services for the Forest, Petrochemicals, Chemicals. Copap's Supply Chain Solutions division also services many other industries looking for assistance in global trade.

Intrinsically Canadian, Copap is headquartered in Montreal. Copap has auxiliary personnel hubs in New York, São Paulo, Bogotá, Dubai, Hong Kong and Paris. We have provided world-class service to over 1000 companies across 100+ countries.


Empowered with the unique ability to see both sides of the marketplace, Copap looks horizontally at what others call verticals. What we see is a world interconnected by trade, where there is no fear of uncharted territory. Here, we adapt with agility to rapidly changing markets and supply chains, ensuring resilient, seamless collaboration and trades.

Our History

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Copap opens as a pulp and paper trading business

Image by Timelab


Copap creates its Supply Chains Solutions product launching a new business

Image by Christa Dodoo


Copap expands into forest product value chain via manufacturing and distribution

Image by Alexander Grey


Copap begins to service the PVC market by opening its partnerships with world-class partners

Image by engin akyurt


Copap begins to service the petrochemical industry

Image by Sonika Agarwal


Copap launches its Petrochemicals division under the leadership of Naveen Chandra

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Our Team

"The business world's forest might look deep but it is welcoming to those who embrace it. Finding that path is Copap's "raison d'etre". We facilitate the access of the word's mid to large companies to the best supply chains of the world. Over the past 30 years, we have found one for all of our long lasting customers and principals; we are looking forward to helping you find yours."


David Sela, Founder/President

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