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Forest Products

  • PAPER Newsprint, Uncoated Woodfree, Coated Woodfree 1 side or 2 sides, Writing papers, Communication papers, Graphic papers……. You name it and we provide. We hold long-lasting relationships with mills from all around the world and are able to propose a comprehensive portfolio of paper products to wherever you are.


  • PACKAGING we are online die-hards and go with the flow. We have a large selection of packaging grades: Corrugated Containers, GC1, GC2, SBS, SUK, FBB….


  • SPECIALTY PAPERS the portfolio is too large to name it; from wrapping paper to medical usage, our mills partners rely on our technical knowledge to market their products wherever we see a fit.


  • TISSUE our current expertise relies on cellulose wadding and handkerchief. We’d be happy to help!


  • PULP  Among them, NBHK, NBSK, Fluff and Kraft are our darlings.


  • WOOD PRODUCTS  logs, timber and wood chips are our sweet spots. Feel free to reach out and we ‘ll be more than happy to make our yards look like your home garden!


  • COMMODITIES : plastic resins is where we reside. You will find with us a wide range of products related to  PE,PP, PVC and PET


  • SPECIALITIES : NYLON, PS, ABS, POM, PC are our forte!



Supply Chain


Have you ever felt constrained by your import/export business, not being able to find a path? We think there is one.

Thanks to our strong partnership with reputable financial institutions, our 30th year trading expertise in emerging countries from Latin America to Asia and our ressources, we can offer you a broad range of customized solutions to help you increase and optimize your business in emerging countries.

We work with customers and principals from very different value chains, from food to oil. Whatever value chain you work on, if you want to expand your business in emerging countries, we think we can help you find a path

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