Pulp & Paper Network

Dynamic positioning in a globalized market

The international pulp and paper product market is sensitive to cyclic shifts, which too often cause substantial fluctuations in prices, inventories and product availability. The market is subject to pressures that far exceed those of simple supply and demand.

That is why, to offset these built-in economic aspects, Copap decided from the outset, in 1990, to build its own network of branches, agents and affiliated companies, so its customers could benefit from an outstanding market intelligence. And that is why Copap transacts with over fifty pulp and paper producers and over 300 customers around the world. This means that the products you need are close at hand, even in an ever more globalized market.

This dynamic approach, which combines customized service and supplier diversification, has spurred Copap’s outstanding growth and gained the loyalty of its partners, suppliers and customers.

Satisfied customers

Since its beginnings, Copap has never failed to fulfil its commitment to supply printers and publishers with their needs on a timely basis, regardless of market conditions. Copap has created solid, mutually beneficial partnerships with customers as well as with major pulp and paper producers worldwide.

Suppliers around the world

Thanks to its long-standing agreements with recognized suppliers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Copap can offer its customers around the world a broad range of products at competitive prices.

Our suppliers’ reputations testify to the quality of the products that we offer our customers.

Copap network around the World

COPAP - Customers and Suppliers around the World