A Message from Management

Our ongoing commitment

When we first launched Copap in 1990, we knew that it was important to have an experienced and skilled operator who could provide a link between producers and users of pulp and paper products. Despite a globalized market, an uncertain economy and dramatic fluctuations in demand, our remarkable growth shows that we have found viable solutions to problems in the pulp and paper industry, by acting as a key market regulator.

Worldwide, Copap transacts over half a million tons of pulp and paper products annually, across five continents. Because economic cycles differ from one continent to another, being close to our markets is an invaluable asset. It lets us accurately predict supply and demand changes and anticipate the needs of publishers, printers and other participants in the pulp and paper industry, located in over 30 countries.

Since Copap’s beginnings, the outstanding expertise of our teams and their consistent performance track records have earned trust from our customers and suppliers. Continuing to earn that trust as we continue to grow is our ongoing commitment.

David B. Sela

Financing, storage and customized delivery

To cope with the changes and reverses that impact their markets, pulp and paper producers have to be able to export part of their production on a regular or one-time basis. From the user’s point of view, mainly publishers and printers, the first priority is a guaranteed just-in-time delivery of top-quality stock, regardless of its origin.

Our capacity to offer our suppliers and customers customized financing, storage and delivery makes Copap an indispensable player in a continuously changing market.

Thanks to the support of solid financial institutions and credit insurers with the highest international reputation, Copap can provide its customers and suppliers around the world with top-quality customized service, in over a dozen languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Laurent J. Barbé
Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer